‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: September 23 results

    It seems that Macy didn’t exactly make a mark with “Dancing With the Stars” viewers because she was the first female to be cut from the competition.
    “It’s been cool, but I learned a little bit about dancing.  You know, ballroom isn’t my calling exactly, but I learned a little bit and we had a good time,” Macy said before exiting the dance floor.

    The singer’s stay on the show was brief but memorable from beginning to end.  But we’ll especially remember the one thing she did that no one else in the history of “DWTS” has done: leave Bruno speechless.
    How’d she do it? Well, after her first spin around the floor with the Viennese Waltz on Tuesday, the singer was relieved to have the first dance out of the way, saying ,“I just feel like I finally busted my cherry.”

    Of course, Macy was only the second casualty of the evening. Ashley Hamilton, one of the men competing for the mirrorball trophy, was sent home as well. But just between you, S2S and the ’Net, we still can’t believe Tom Delay wasn’t voted off first. Just saying.



    — Sonya Eskridge






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