No arrest warrant for Bobby

    Contrary to previous reports, Massachusetts police don’t have a warrant to arrest Bobby Brown for being a deadbeat dad.
    A release from Bobby’s camp states that the situation is under control. The Boston Herald and several blogs had reporting that authorities had been looking for Bobby, writing that he was delinquent on more than $45,000 in child support payments.
    “That is the furthest thing from the truth,” said Bobby’s lawyer Christopher Brown. “As of today, no Police Department or Sherriff’s office in any state has the authority to arrest Bobby Brown on this warrant.”
    Furthermore, he claims, the original story was written without ever speaking to the singer, the mother of the children in question or their legal counsel.  And Bobby himself didn’t have too much to add about the matter.
    “I’m not going to address this issue in the public. I love my children and they don’t need a media circus.  The attorneys are handling the situation and I am confident it will be resolved,” he said.
    But the singer was willing to talk about the state of his career, noting that he recently did a show in Virginia and that he’s looking forward to more tour dates in the future.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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