Audio Push do it for the love of music and family

    You have to work hard for whatever you want to succeed at in life and that’s one motto that is taking rap duo, Audio Push to the top of the charts.
    You have to work hard for whatever you want to succeed at in life and that’s one motto that is taking rap duo, Audio Push to the top of the charts.  The duo which consists of Oktane, 19, and Price Tag, 18, is experiencing success with their new hit single, “Teach Me How to Jerk,” which is part of the growing jerk music movement.  While things are looking up now, the two can’t forget the tough challenges they had to endure. 
    “We just had to put a lot of things on hold.  We had to go a long time being broke and depending on people.  I was gonna go to nursing school, but instead of that we did music full-time,” Price Tag told S2S. “So everything else besides that was put on hold because of the music.  On top of that the little money you did get went toward the music.  So that was the main struggle.”
    For Audio Push the struggle was worth it all because music was their only refuge from family issues.  Oktane used music to find a sense of brotherhood since his family was not very tight-knit. 
    “My family wasn’t that close when I was growing up, so that’s why I’m so close with Price Tag,” Oktane explained. “We always used music as the way to stay out of negative stuff.  So whenever something was negative on my mind we danced or made new songs to get away from all that.”
    Price Tag used his love of music as an escape from the pressures of being a young man of the house due to his father’s absence. 
    “I had a single mom and I was the oldest out of three kids at the time.  My pops was in jail from the time I was 5 up until now.  So I grew up real fast,” he shared. “I was 5 and babysitting my brother while my mom was at work, and I was working since I was 13.  Me and my mom would clash when I was younger ’cause I felt I had so much responsibility.  So then I would go in my room and just write raps ’cause I’d be so angry.  So things like that made it frustrating but it all paid off and I’m satisfied.”
    Now that they have overcome those odds, they want nothing more than to provide for themselves and their families by creating the music they love.
    “I want to be set and for my grandkids to be set with noting to worry about.  I want to retire and be where I can kick my feet up and do my thing, and my kids will have no worries,” said Price Tag.
    Oktane feels the same way. 
    “I want to do the same thing.  I want to do it all while staying true to the vision I came in with of making real music.  I want to be set in knowing that I did it for something that I love and that we are all just set.”
    The two are currently finishing up their debut album B.O.A. (Birth of Audio).



    — Souleo




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