‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: September 29

    Couple: Mya and Dmitry Chaplin

    Dance: The Jive

    Mya may have finished on top of the women’s rankings last week, but Dmitry wanted to know if she was upset with him for Len’s comments and score (he only gave them 5 out of 10) last week.

    “Heck yeah, I’m mad at you, “ she warned. “They didn’t say Mya’s name. They said Dmitry’s name. Don’t let it happen again!”
    The songbird was just joking and she’s glad to have Dmitry, an Emmy-nominated, choreographer as a partner. However, she wants to make sure she never sees a five from the judges again. And that sentiment puts her and Dmitry on the same page.
    “I felt like I let Mya down with my choreography, so this week we’re going to try to give a technically perfect routine for the judges,” he explained.
    “This is the Jive and we have to make it perfect,” Mya said during a practice break “My feet are on mission this week and the Jive is in my sights, so watch out.”
    From the controlled turns accented by all her sparkely fringe to the final eight count their t.
    After only about four days of practice, she and Dmitry put on a great, sassy, flirty show, but they made sure there was precision behind their steps.  And they pulled off one spin that left us stunned (How did not trip of Mya?!)

    “That is the real deal. I mean that is fantastic,” said guest judge Baz Luhrman, who was standing in for Len Goodman. He applauded them for the speed and accuracy of their steps, but he said their strength was claiming the dance and making it their own. “That was a fantastic thing to see. Bravo,” he commended.
    Baz may have loved it, but Judge Carrie Ann Inaba pointed out that she knows Len would have been mad as heck about the start of that routine,
    “Lucky, Len’s not here,” she said with a laugh.  “Lucky for you, and I thought it was great. Mya, you disappear into the dances and it just becomes one great performance. I loved your Jive, it was fantastic.”
    But the ever-animated judge Bruno Tonioli thought it was better than fantastic, calling her “Mya the Magnificient.”
    “Original, inventive. It was like seeing Josephine Baker and Clark Kent…doing it like I’ve never seen it done before,” he elaborated. “You can pump the Jive.”
    All the hard work paid off for Mya and Dmitry, who earned a final score of 27. That broke down into nine points from each of the panel members. The score placed placed them in a tie for first place with Aaron Carter.
    But whether she gets a chance to dance next week is up to the viewers at home. See if Mya got enough votes from the audience to stick around for another number tonight when “Dancing With the Stars: The Results” airs tonight at 9 p.m. EST on ABC. 



    — Sonya Eskridge






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