Frankie vows to get fit

    Frankie is cleaning up her act by putting herself through detox.
    The reality TV star told S2S publisher Jamie Foster Brown that she vows to quit drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes so that she can get healthy.
    Step one for Frankie was moving into a new apartment so that she could get away from the people that were negative influences in her life. Beyond that, she’s just generally trying to take better care of herself.

    Since she’s changing up her social circle, Frankie has also found a 23-year-old friend who she goes to the movies with, but things with him are just platonic at this point. 
    But all these positive changes don’t come without a little drama. The reality star recently made an appearance on “Judge Mathis” where she was awarded $5,000. She was there to argue a breach of contract case against someone who worked for her, but since one of the defendents he didn’t show up, she won. Watch out for that episode during sweeps week.
    You can also expect to see Frankie pop up on Monica’s new BET reality series, too.
    And we just heard that Frankie is expanding her presence to the stage. Chico De Barge recently told S2S that he’ll be starring with her in a play that’s being produced by Vivica Fox. Work it out, Frankie!



    – Sonya Eskridge




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