Kirstie’s tweet on Jamie Foxx

    It seems like Kirstie Alley may finally have gotten that booty call with Jamie Foxx she’d been wanting.
    The “Fat Actress” star has been hitting up Twitter something fierce, hinting that the comedian has been keeping her busy behind closed doors..
    “TOMORROW I DANCE FOR two hours, swim for know..with Mr. Foxx..sounds like a lively day huh?,” she boasted Tuesday night, stating that she gets with Jamie as often as three times a week. “SEE HOW FUN CAN BE??? GET YOURSELF A LITTLE FOXX and U might just want to work out 7 hours a day like me.”
    And in case you had your doubts that she was talking about Jamie, apparently folks have already given the possible couple a nickname.
    “I hadda acknowlege this..yes PEOPLE are calling us JAIMSTIE and KIRSTMIE,” she tweeted while posting all  Jamie’s name all over her microblog.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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