Fizz and Boog ‘Bounce’ back

    Fizz and Boog, formerly of boy band B2K, have teamed up to release a new album and run their own business.
    The duo has already dropped the EP for Nightlife, available for download on iTunes, but it only had five tracks as of press time. But we just know the guys had to be bringing it better than that for their comeback album.
    “Oh definitely! That’s just a preview to the album, so people can get a feel of what the album is going to be like,” Fizz assured S2S. “It will be about 12 records when the album is the full length.”
    Fizz and Boog told us that the full album will hit store shelves on December 15, which is nearly a month after the original release date of November 17. But there is good news in that the CD should still be available in time for the holidays.
    For Nightlife, the guys wanted to represent for Los Angeles by going for a distinctly L.A. sound. To help them achieve that vibe, they’re working with producers from the area, but they’ve also enlisted T-Pain to work his magic.  We’re predicting an auto-tune tinged hit. From what we’ve heard thus far, the guys are coming with a slightly more grown up sound than expected, but that wasn’t intentional.
    “We really just wanted to get to audience to know who we were, where we were right now,” Boog said. “We just wanted to deliver us because before a lot of things were kind of just put in place and we had to do ’em. This time we were able to put ourself—put our own input into it.”
    And a big part of what’s letting the guys do things their way is that they’re running their own production company, Popular Entertainment.  And forget an imprint under some record label: Fizz and Boog are getting into all aspects of the entertainment industry.
    “We have a film side, we have a music side,” said Fizz. “We have producers, writers, artists…web designers. The whole nine. The whole infrastructer.”
    “Popular Entertainment represents everything popular,” Boog summarized, and that includes sports and two clothing lines. Their company also represents directors like Taj, who crafted the video for Nightlife’s lead single, “Bounce.”
    Fizz and Boog have a lot going on for themselves, but right now, they’re focusing on promoting their forthcoming album with an overseas tour. Before you get too upset, the guys will be doing some spot dates and TV appearances stateside.
    As a matter of fact, you can catch Fizz and Boog ‘s appearance on “The Mo’Nique Show” October 9 at 11 p.m. EST on BET.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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