Mo’Nique loses Oscar backing?

    Mo’Nique has always been a diva in the best sense, but that might be hurting her Precious Oscar hope.
    The New York Daily News reports that the comedienne has become demanding and difficult to work with in the weeks leading up to the release of her new film, Precious. Mo pulled a no-show for the film’s New York premiere Saturday, making that her second absence: She also ditched on film promotion at the Toronto Film Festival when organizers wouldn’t pay her $100,000 appearance fee.
    "That money didn’t even include hair and makeup costs. She also demanded that her glam squad fly first class," an industry source dished. "Apparently, she’s ignorant as to how the Hollywood system works."
    According to the source, Mo has always had her mind on her money. Supposedly, she did the film for a relatively small payday. However, the insider explained, “Because Oprah [Winfrey] and Tyler Perry are backing the film, she feels as though there should be a budget to pay for her promotional duties.”
    Studio execs asked Oprah to put Mo’Nique in check, but not even she could achieve that goal. Now, she and Tyler have reportedly told Lionsgate to push Mariah Carey and Gabby Sidibie for Oscar nomination, who have both been promoting Precious at events for free.
    "When people say, ‘You care more about money than winning an Oscar,’ well, what does an Oscar mean? An Oscar means more work when you win it, and that means more money,” Mo’Nique said in response to claims she’s gotten greedy. "I couldn’t eat that Oscar. Everybody needs money, baby. That’s how we survive, right?"
    Although, the studio, Tyler and Oprah aren’t exactly loving them some Mo, Precious’ director Lee Daniels has come to her defense, stating, "Mo’Nique is not a diva. She puts her soul into whatever she does.” But he went on to acknowledge that “doing the press is hard for her because she’s in the moment."



    — Sonya Eskridge




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