‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: October 5


    Couple: Mya and Dmitry Chaplin 

    Dance: The Rumba


    After a sweeping Viennese Waltz and an energetic, aggressive Jive, it was finally time for Mya and her parner to settle into a groove. They were able to do just that with a sultry Rumba.
    Although, she and Dmitry were still riding high from their rave reviews last week, they weren’t about to get comfortable because (cue lightening and scary piano music) Judge Len Goodman was back! Those who have been watching have seen that Len always seems to want it by the book, and that’s not what Mya and Dmitry have been brining to the ballroom in previous rounds.
    “We are very aware that Len is back on the paddle, so the choreography is very close to being traditional,” Dmitry said.

    Each week presents a new challenge for Mya, and this time, she just couldn’t get into the dance with Dmitry.  “The thing I’m struggling with the most is understanding the romantic feel of the Rumba,” Mya said during practice.
    To remedy that, the singer used an old trick she picked up in the recording studio by setting the stage.  She tossed rose petals all over the room, lit some candles and threw on a clingy red dress.  That simple change of scene just flipped a switch for Mya, who fell right in step with Dmitry.
    “Now that we’ve set the mood it’s time to bring the magic to the dance floor,” she said.
    And bring it they did!  Mya and Dmitry slid across the floor like they’d been together for years. We were particularly impressed with how she came out of her split.  It was effectively the best Rumbas we saw last night (if not one of the best on DWTS ever) . Check out the clip below and see if you don’t agree!


    Their performance gave Judge Carrie Ann Inaba chills, and she was so caught up in their routine she forgot that she was supposed to be critiquing it!
    “That was ridiculous,” she complimented. “It was just complete fluidity. There was what I’m not sure was a lift, but the honest truth is I was so mesmerized I can’t call it.
    Bruno excitedly added that he thought Mya was just…well…magnificent. “You were the embodiment of the supreme seductress, you put all of AMerica in the mood for love,” he shouted from the judge’s panel.
    But now came the real test: Len’s review. Well, Mya and Dmitry were so good, they even squeezed a few kind words out of him!
    “Be still my beating heart! It had chemistry, it had romance,” he stated before picking the performance apart. In his opinion, the couple tricked out their routine a little too much, and he was hoping for something a little more understated.
    “Sometimes to show a really beautiful thing off, you need a little bit of simplicity to really show it off and to make it sparkle,” he advised. “I felt it was too crammed with trick after trick. I would have liked a little bit of calmness amongst all that.”
    At this point, we’re willing to say that Len is just being a hater…especially since he rated their Rumba 7! Oh well, at least he said something nice this time.
    Carrie Ann and Bruno rectified Len’s score when they each gave Mya and Dmitry 10s, the first of the season.  That put their final score for the night at 27, locking them in the #1 spot. And this time, they didn’t have to share that victory with anyone else.
    However, a near perfect score doesn’t guarantee them a spot on the competition next week. To see if they made it through to the next round, watch “Dancing With the Stars: The Results,” tonight at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.



    — Sonya Eskridge









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