EXCLUSIVE: Kandi talks to Jamie about AJ

    Hey folks, I had just finished reading a book about God called The Shack, a New York bestseller. What’s interesting is that God in this book is a Black woman who is called Papa. I had just shut the book when Kandi Burrus of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” called me early Tuesday morning.
    So much has been going on with her with the early death from cancer of her uncle. She was headed home to Atlanta to bury him, but the day before that she found out her ex-fiancé, AJ Jewell, was killed while brawling in front of the gentleman’s club Body Tap that he was buying into.
    First of all, Kandi was one of the first to be shown his boy. I asked why because she’s not married to him. She said because of “The Real Housewives” that authorities “assumed we were, like, already married.”
    Kandi told me that a woman named Veronica, who works at the club, was with her and they saw the body was prepared.
    Veronica’s name has come up in relation to the fight because people were first saying that it was her man Cornbread who beat up AJ, but it wasn’t. AJ had gotten into a fight with a bodyguard named Fredrick, who was was always messing with AJ, calling him names. Kandi said her ex was never one to be bullied. He was short and short guys will sometimes fight you fast.
    Kandi said AJ didn’t have a scratch on him when she saw his body. He wasn’t beat up, but she saw a picture of the bodyguard who looked messed up. She doesn’t have official word yet, but it looked like AJ had gotten hit on temple, but that, physically, there were no bruises.
    Kandi and I talked for two hours. I read her entire feature that’s in November’s Sister 2 Sister as well as AJ’s last interview, which was also featured in that issue. Some parts were sad and some parts funny. I kept asking her as I read it to her if she was ok, and she held up pretty much.
    I asked Kandi what had swhe been doing because everyone said she had shut down. She said she had been sleeping. Some days she didn’t feel like getting dressed like the day she called me.
    Although this is very distressing, Kandi said that some bloggers are so negative to her and call her names, and they complain that she’s sleeping after all she’s gone through. that she’s not raising AJ’s kids.
    However, it just so happened that a week before he passed, AJ had taken his twin daughters from Kandi’s home because she was out working too often. He placed them with their mom’s sister. But, right when Kandi was talking to me, his twins were there at her house. There’s a sense of comfort and love there.
    AJ will be buried later this week. His parents and sisters are putting everything together for funeral but she will help out.



    — Jamie Foster Brown




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