‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: October 12

    Couple: Mya and Dmitry Chaplin
    Dance: Lambada
    “Dancing With the Stars” is always keeping things fresh by throwing in new dances every season, and last night couples were challenged by the Texas Two-Step, the Charleston, the Bolero and the Lambada. Guess which Mya and Dmitry got?
    While competitors Aaron Carter and Joanna Krupa did their best to burn up the ballroom, their routines paled in comparison to the heat our favorite couple was throwing out last night!  But we had to wait until the very end of the show to see them work it.

    The question on our minds, though, was, “Would their dance be up to Judge Len Goodman’s standards?” Len has been really tough on Mya and Dmitry from the word “go.”  While the judges Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli can’t say enough great things about them, Len’s consistently been way more critical of them than other couples. 
    "Dmitry and I are just confused at this point. We don’t really know what to do to please this man,” Mya lamented. “Len said to keep it simple, but there’s nothing simple about Dmitry’s choreography.”
    To help reign in the routine this week, Mya took on the choreographer role and made a few suggestions on their Lambada. If there’s one thing our girl knows, it’s how to put a little sizzle in her steps! 
    “When Mya takes charge of the choreography, most of the time I disagree, but it’s all about compromising,” said Dmitry. When Mya stumbled on something that worked, though, he was fully onboard.
    From what we saw, all that compromise really worked to their advantage. “Hopefully we will please all three judges,” Mya said before hitting the dance floor.
    Their dance Monday night was light on the tricks, like Len requested last week. The ones they kept, though, were expertly executed.

    “That was a erotic, exotic rollercoaster,” Bruno cheered. “You would want to ride that over and over and over again ’til you’re left exhausted and exhilarated.”
    For some reason, Bruno always creeps us out a little, but we guess every judges panel needs a stand-out character.
    “Mya’s on fire,” Carrie Ann simply shouted before adding that Mya had just the right amount of raunch for the forbidden dance without making it sleazy. “What you did, you brought sophistication and dance, and you made it very classy.”’
    Finally, the real test of the night: What would Len say?  Was it a hit or miss for him?
    “I never find your routines boring,” Len began, explaining his harsh critiques. “Your standard is high, and my expectations are high, and I felt in the Lambada I was going to get a bit more.”

    Hold on! Didn’t he just say last week that he wanted this simple! Ok that old fart is really starting to get on our nerves. This just goes to prove that you can’t please everyone, least of all Len.
    Despite Len’s ever-changing preferences, Mya and Dmitry still siddled off with 28 points, the highest score of the night. The breaks down into a 10 from Carrie Ann and Bruno each, while Len awarded them an 8.
    The judges scores only count for so much, and the viewers have a say too. When we called to vote for Mya and Dmitry, we got a busy signal three times.
    See if the near-perfect score ad overwhelming support was enough to keep them in step for another week when ABC airs “Dancing With the Stars: The Results” tonight at 9 p.m. EST.



    – Sonya Eskridge






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