Fox extends ‘Cleveland’ season two

    FOX’s audience can’t get enough of “Family Guy” spinoff “The Cleveland Show,” so the network ordering more episodes.
    The animated series had already been greenlit for a second season before it debuted last month. Now, Fox has called nine more episodes to be tacked onto the end of that, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
    This might seem like an early call to make, but the network had to put in the order now because cartoons take longer to make than live-action shows. Aside from that, “The Cleveland Show” already had a full order of 13 episodes for its flagship season as well as the second season.
    “The Cleveland Show,” which we are loving, had its skeptics when the project was first announced. However, the show has remained true to the humor that held audience interests with “Family Guy.” It grabbed 9.4 million viewers for the series premiere, dominating its timeslot.
    But you can make up your own mind about the show, when you watch the most recent episode of “The Cleveland Show” below.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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