Usher rolls out VIP

    If anyone can teach ordinary gents how to make the ladies go crazy, it’s Usher.

    His latest fragrance is called VIP and it’s "designed with the ladies in mind," according to Ush’s people.


    “I consider fragrance to be one of the most important tools of engagement for seduction," Usher said in a release. "With Usher VIP I created a gentlemen’s scent, which would also appeal to women."

    "VIP is a state of mind which is about what you do with that confidence and how you make an impact in the lives of those around you,” he continued.

    The scent is available now in spray and deodorant form, and 3.4 oz. of the eau de toilett costs $65. You can buy a bottle at Macy’s or online retailers like

    The singer previously released two fragrances: Usher and Usher for Women.



    — Whitney Teal




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