Carmelo gets TAGed

    Carmelo Anthony, member of the Denver Nuggets and fiancé of LaLa Vasquez, seems to be taking some branding lessons from his famous sweety. He’s recently announced two new ventures, a new Web site and a fragrance endorsement, Black Voices reports.
 was created to show ‘Melo’s fans what he’s like when he’s not playing.

    "Everybody knows the competitor and athlete that I am, but as a fan, you want to know what goes on in the day to day," Carmelo said in a video. "It’s important for me to show what it takes for me to be the player that I am at the end of the day."
    One of the things that has become part of his day-to-day life is TAG’s latest line of sprays, Stay Up. Carmelo’s the face of the line and, along with Ludacris (his line is called Get Yours) and Rob Drydek of MTV (his is called Makes Moves), will be competing to see who can sell the most swagger. Ten percent of all sales will go to the charities of their choosing, while the winner gets $25,000 extra to his charity.
    Here’s a video of the TAG shoot:



    — Whitney Teal




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