Pepsi says sorry for iPhone app

    Pepsi has apologized for an iPhone application that helps men pickup 24 types of women.
    The launch of Pepsi’s latest beverage, Amp Energy drink, also included an application for Apple’s iPhone that some are calling insensitive and offensive. The purpose was to associate Amp with a typical night out for young men by showing them how to pick up theoretical women. Actually, 24 different types of women with titles like "treehugger," "sorority girl," "cougar" and "rebound girl." The game gave guys the tools to hit it off with these types of ladies and even encouraged them to make recordings of their conquests and upload them to social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter.

    Almost immediately the app, called "Amp Up Before You Score," drew ire from members of Twitter. Users called the program sexist, while members of media claimed that it was surely alienating many of their customer base.
    Since then a Twitter apology has been issued. "We apologize if it’s in bad taste & appreciate your feedback," Pepsi wrote.
    PepsiCo., the drink’s parent company, is also considering eliminating the app all together, which just launched last week. "The application was designed to entertain and appeal to Amp’s target market," a spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal. "We’ll continue to monitor the feedback from all parties and act accordingly."



    –Whitney Teal




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