Rihanna starts countdown

    If Rihanna’s Web site is to be believed the singer has a surprise in store for fans tomorrow morning.
    RiRi has been all about mystery as of late: Last week week she announced the drop date of her next album on Twitter, writing, “The Wait is Ova. Nov 23 09.” Then, over the weekend, she was spotted filming a music video, but there’s no word on what single that might be for.

    Now she’s turned her site into a countdown clock, and time should run down at 11:23 a.m. EST tomorrow, October 20. There’s no indication on the Web site as to what may happen when time runs out. There are signs, however, that Rihanna might be droping her first single since her infamous fight in February with then-boyfriend, Chris Brown.
    “Everything’s about to happen really fast, so it’s not gonna be long. It’s  gonna be here in the next couple days,” producer Tricky Stewart said of the track during an interview with
    Rap-Up.com. “We delivered a very, very big record, but I can’t say what the name of it is or anything, just for the simple fact that it’s actually top secret.”
    Tricky produced Rihanna’s hit “Umbrella,” but he wouldn’t say whether this enigmatic track would be bigger than that. He just said it was “different.”
    “It’s uptempo. It’s a club banger and its edgy,” he dished. “It’s a superstar taking a step in a totally different direction. This album is different than her past works.”



    – Sonya Eskridge




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