How-to: Zoe Saldana’s braided updo

    zoe saldanaZoe Saldana was out and about yesterday at the Tokyo International Film Festival. While we’re excited to see her, we were even more excited to see her rocking two braided plaits as part of a chic updo. Try this bohemian-meets-glam style for everyday sophistication, or save it for a night out or a special event.

    1. You’ll need super-sleek hair for this, so start by straightening it. Prep with a light, leave-in conditioner, then blow-dry using a paddle brush, which is great for smoothing the edges and the nape of your hairline. Apply a smoother, like Frizz Ease Hair Serum, to your locks before you use a flat iron to smooth very small sections.
    2. Next, use a rattail comb to create a side part in the front of your hair. Comb the hair down on each side of the part, then begin to loosely twist or braid both of the pieces to your scalp. The braids should start at the part and they can go as far back as your ears.
    3. Take the ends of the braids, along with the rest of your hair, and wrap them into a bun or chignon at the nape of your neck. Fasten the bun with hairpins.
    4. To complete the look, simply smooth down the edges of your hair with a light pomade.






    – Whitney Teal





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