Snoop’s got ‘Gangsta Luv’

    Snoop is bringing his fans to wonderland with his new single “Gangsta Luv.” 
    Snoop officially released the track today, but it had been leaked on You Tube about two weeks. “Gangsta Luv” is not only the flagship track for Malice N Wonderland, but it also heralds the return of Priority Records. The rapper recently became the creative chairman of the label, which launched his career.

    Giving “Gangsta Luv” a little mainstream swag is singer-songwriter-producer The Dream, who sings the hook and the chorus. The song represents the fun-loving side of Snoop that is wonderland in Malice N Wonderland, but the 12-song album also boasts some harder, grittier tracks.
    "I had to introduce the album with part of the ‘Wonderland’ side – I wanted to have fun with this one – both in the studio and in the video," says Snoop.  "This is the first release for Priority Records and as the new Creative Chairman, as well as an artist on the label, it was only right to celebrate the re-launch with a feel-good anthem."



    – Sonya Eskridge




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