Preview: ‘For the Love of Ray J 2’

    VH1 is showing viewers all the craziness and possible baby-mama drama that’s in store on “For The Love of Ray J 2.”
    Ray J is looking for a good girl this time around, so he’s trying to cut back on some of the wild partying and fighting in the house. “Trying” would be the key word in that sentence as VH1’s most notorious playboy continues to find his way into clubs and hot tubs with this season’s ladies.

    So, why’s he back? Things with Cocktail seemed to be going fine and the pair had been spotted together a couple different times since last season’s reunion.
    “I gotta admit: [Cocktail] was the best girl in the house, but she wasn’t the best one for me,” Ray said. “This time I’m going to find the right girl for me. You better believe that. And you better believe that!”
    But there are a couple familiar complications crossing Ray J’s path to finding the one. For starters, it looks like he found out a girl from his current crop may have hooked up with one of his friends—kind of like Danger. Speaking of Danger, she drops a major bombshell in this trailer.

    In case you missed it, Danger just said she and Ray J were having a baby. Since taping, she has given birth to a baby girl.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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