T-Boz confesses Arista hold up

    T-Boz has just given a whole new meaning to the title Crazy Sexy Cool.
    The singer revealed during her sit-down on “The Mo’Nique Show” that she, LeftEye and Chilli held up Artista Records at gunpoint way back in the day. Why? Because TLC earned Arista $75 million with Crazy Sexy Cool, but the payout that the ladies got definitely didn’t reflect those amazing sales.

    “They only gave us $50,000 a piece. I was like, ‘What the hell,’” T-Boz recalled. After that, TLC was determined to get their money by any means necessary. What they did next sounds like a lost scene straight out of Set It Off.
    “Clive Davis, the record company, we held them hostage. Like guns…the whole shebang. Yeah, it was like that,” T-Boz admitted. “We had a limo driver and he was the getaway car. So we went up there and held everybody hostage. And Puffy was the one that snitched us out.”

    Apparently, TLC had to kick Puffy out of his meeting so that they could handle their business. And we can’t say we were surprised to learn that LeftEye was the brains of the operation.

    “They did give us some money, but they still took it back. Recouped it. But it’s all good,” T-Boz said of the outcome. “I wouldn’t necessarily say, ‘Do what we did.’ It worked out well for us. We didn’t go to jail, thank God!”
    Instead, T-Boz suggests that artists in TLC’s old situation arm themselves with knowledge.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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