Stars react to Lil Wayne’s sentence

    The hip-hop community hit Twitter big time when it found Lil’ Wayne is heading to jail for a year after copping a plea deal.
    The New Orleans rapper had been receiving a lot of support from his contemporaries who think the system has gone a little too hard on him.
    “Lil Wayne gets a year 4 a hand pistol n TI gets the same time 4 havin army issued rifles wit silencers u tell me WTF,” Jim Jones wrote.

    Slim Thug suggested that sentencing disparity might have something to do with Weezy’s race, writing,  "That’s some bulls**t how the police try to make an example out of [Black] celebs. Lil Wayne wasn’t holding the gun. They got on his bus, didn’t even know which one he was.”
    But Toya Carter kept her reaction short and sweet while commenting on a perceived lack off outrage at the ruling.
    "I swear I hate fake n***as. When s**t all good, everybody around, but when u down, nobody wants to b around,” Toya Carter wrote after she found out. “Pray for Wayne y’all."



    – Sonya Eskridge




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