‘The Best Man’ turns 10

    Do you remember what you were doing on this day, 10 years ago? If you were over 17 years old, probably heading to the movies to see The Best Man, a romantic comedy that was directed by Malcolm Lee (cousin to Spike) and starring the cream of the Black Hollywood crop: Sanaa Lathan, Taye Diggs, Nia Long, Morris Chestnut and Harold Perrineau.

    Needless to say, the October 22 debut of the film made a splash ($34 million worth of splashes, actually) and garnered a nod from the NAACP Image Awards. Malcolm reflected on the project with AOL BlackVoices, saying, "The thing about the script at the time was that we had no lack of interest from the African-American acting community in doing the movie."

    "It was an opportunity to seeing black people being regular," he continued. "These were characters who were smart and had multi-layered issues. They were fully developed characters, which black actors didn’t get to play in other films ten years ago. Those scripts were rare. We were three to four deep with actors for every role. Having Spike Lee producing the film was also an enticement as well."

    "People have begged me to make a sequel and the idea has come up more than once," Malcolm revealed. "In the beginning when the movie first came out, there were talks about a sequel and even a television show. I didn’t want to have just one story to tell so I was very resistant to that. I have been receptive in the past few years. I would say this; it would be a bit of a darker tone and dealing with different sorts of issues. I personally would like to go in a more dramatic route. I wouldn’t rule it out. It’s a possibility."

    Nia also spoke on the film, opining what she thought her character Jordan Armstrong would be up to in 2009. "She would probably be a talk show host doing very well because I imagine that she remained ambitious," she said. "Maybe it worked out that she married the Taye Diggs character." Oh man, we kind of liked Taye and Sanaa together!

    Terrence thinks his character, Quentin, had loftier ambitions though. "I think he was on his way to wisdom because he had a conscious that bothered him," he told BlackVoices. "He was discovering himself and he had found truth. He could be in a really Zen place or he could be in a really sinful place. It depends on what Malcolm would do."

    What do you think: Is this movie ripe for a sequel, or should they just leave it be?

    –Whitney Teal

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