‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: October 26

    Couple: Mya and Dmitry Chaplin

    Dance: Jitterbug  

    Yes folks, the Jitterbug is more than just a mobile phone for senior citizens and Mya and Dmitry were the first couple to remind America of that last night. It’s is a high-energy dance that’s all about having a good time on the dance floor.

    “The character of the Jitterbug is fun, and it’s important that I capture that and make up for my lack of emotional connection last week,” Mya said, noting that the judges wanted to see a little more sizzle between her Dmitry in their Argentine Tango.
    When Mya got to practice it looked like Dmitry had put a little Red Bull in his Rice Krispies  that morning. She, on the other hand, was having a little trouble moving around. “There are so many aches and pains,” Mya said.
    “This competition is like a sport. You have to take care of your body every second of the day,” Dmitry explained.
    Following Dmitry’s advice and went to get a massage. After getting a few kinks worked out, Mya was back to her usual energetic self.
    “If you don’t want to be in the bottom two, the only safe place is, really, being at the top,” Mya observed during rehearsal for this week’s routine. “This week, I’m aiming for 30.”
    Mya and Dmitry’s routine, as a whole, was very cute and they set it up well. And there’s no question that their energy was up as the singer flung herself from one end of the ballroom to the other.

    Whether Mya would get that perfect 30 she was after was in the hands of the judges, who, for the most part, were less than impressed.
    “For me, you’re such a good dancer, it’s not necessary to waste 20 bars polishing my desk. I’d much prefer you to polish up your performance. I was very disappointed,” JudgeLen Goodman lamented. “What you did, you did well. I just wanted more of it.”
    “It was slightly under for what I expect from you,” Judge Carrie Ann Inaba added.
    But, if Mya ever had a true devotee on the panel, it would be Judge Bruo Tonioli.
    “Mya, don’t worry. Cleanliness is next to godliness. Apart from that, what you did, stylistically was spot on” he encouraged. “It was like watching one person dancing. Excellent!”
    In the end, Mya and Dmitry boogied off the floor with 24 points, missing the top spot by just two points. Fortunately for her she had a chance to boost her score in the Mambo marathon where the name of the game was stamina and star power.
    Mya must be a force to be reckoned with because we think her competitors were gunning for her!  Find out how she did when you watch the clip below.

    We’re not trying to make it about our favorites here (Ok…maybe a little), but Mya should have taken the top spot if it was between her and Joanna. We’re not sure we were watching the same dancers as the judges because Mya had the winner beat! 
    We won’t complain about the additional points, which put Mya’s score at 33. That meant she and Aaron Carter were tied for second place.  But could the less-than-perfect marks mean it’s time for Mya to go home? Find out in tonight’s double-elimination on “Dancing With the Stars: The Results,” airing at 9 p.m. on ABC.



    – Sonya Eskridge









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