Top Chef’s sweet treats

    Bravo’s Top Chef franchise is moving into new territory with the upcoming "Top Chef: Just Desserts."







    Bravo’s milking their top franchises for all their worth these days (although we really can’t be mad at the many iterations of "The Real Housewives") The latest comes from the "Top Chef" camp with "Top Chef: Just Desserts."

    Frances Berwick, an executive at the network, said it takes different skills to bake than it does to cook, and, therefore, desserts deserve their own spin-off. "We’re finding people really love this franchise," he said. "There seems to be no end to the interest in it."
    The new show will have a similar format to the original: Contestants compete in a series of challenges, and a panel of expert judges votes one off each week.
    The new show will join "Top Chef Masters," "Top Chef Wine" and "Top Chef Junior," in addition to the original show, which will mean that you can catch some form of "Top Chef" all year.
    Tell us: Are you a fan of "Top Chef?" Do you plan on watching the new show?



    — Whitney Teal




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