‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: October 27 results

    Mya and Dmiry can never quite find the rhythm that the judges are looking. One week they do too much and the next week it’s not enough. Despite that the crowd still seems to really Dmya’s routines.
    So, when Tuesday’s double elimination reared its ugly head, we didn’t sweat it when Mya and Dmitry weren’t saved first or second. But we started to get a little worried when they were one of the last five couples left facing elimination.
    Thankfully, our favorite couple was spared as were Kelly Osbourne and her partner, who were the next pair saved. For two couples that did fairly well, we were surprised to see them stand out there for so long.
    That left Melissa Joan Hart, Michael Irvin and Louie Vito, along with their respective partners, in danger of having to exit the competition. Because Tuesday was a double elimination the person with lowest overall scores was sent home. The unlucky couple happened to be Melissa and Mark Ballas.
    And then there were two, meaning that Michael and Louie would fight for a spot in next week’s show in a dance off.  In this head to head competition the dance style was completely up to the couple, so there’s no reason they shouldn’t have done well.
    While Michael stuck with a dance he knew he could do well, Louie took a chance and went with the style that was the most fun for him. See how it worked out for them below.



    — Sonya Eskridge






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