How-to: Emerald-Angel Young’s girly curls

    Law Abiding Citizen star Emerald-Angel Young rocks the cutest girl-curls. We’re sure that they’ll look just as cute on ladies of any age, though.





    Emerald-Angel Young, who plays Jamie Foxx’s daughter in Law Abiding Citizen, hit the red carpet for the 4th Annual Stay in School Pep Rally and Concert with an amazing head of curls.

    She’s only 10 years old, but we are seriously coveting her full mane. Here’s how to get her look, which will look just as cute on you or the little girls in your life.

    Whether your hair is relaxed or natural, springy, full curls are only a few steps away.  Start with wet hair and apply a leave-in conditioner throughout (we love Ouidad Moisture Lock Leave-In for natural hair and Proclaim Tea Tree Leave-In for relaxed hair).
    To create Emerald-Angel’s pencil-sized spirals, set your hair on flexi rods that are about 1/2 to 3/4 inches wide. To begin, section off your hair in four equal parts, fastening three of them with plastic clips. Separate a small piece (just a few strands) to begin rolling. If your hair is relaxed or naturally fine or wavy, apply a setting lotion (try Proclaim’s Super Setting Lotion) to the section before rolling tightly with the rod.

    These tools should get you started: 


    For natural hair, try a styling creme like Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding, which will help tame shrinkage. It’s also really important that you roll the hair tightly, pulling at the root and smoothing as you go, to prevent fuzziness near the root. Continue this until your entire head is rolled using the rods.
    Apply an alcohol-free gel to the edges and nape of your neck while the hair is still wet.
    To set, either let your hair air dry or sit under a warm hooded dryer for about an hour. Make sure your hair is completely dry before beginning to unravel the rods, otherwise the curl won’t fully form and you’ll be left with puffy sections.
    After you’ve taken the rods out, fluff with your fingers and pull out any really tight curls.
    To maintain this bouncy look, simply moisturize each day (natural hair will do best with a leave-in conditioner while relaxed hair can go for a creamy hair lotion, like Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk) and be sure to lay down your edges with gel or pomade and a satin scarf at night.



    — Whitney Teal




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