MJ doc brings new lawsuit

    There’s another lawsuit to be added to the pile of complaints against Michael Jackson’s estate, and this one comes from Arnie Klein.
    TMZ.com reports that Arnie, another of Michael’s old doctors, is seeking $48,522.89 for services rendered in the months leading up to Michael death. The procedures were done between March 23 and June 22.
    Court documents show that Arnie is billing the estate for the following procedures. just to name a few: botox, I.M. injection, fine line needle, restylane, acne surgery, latisse and sunscreen.
    A closer look at the suit shows that Michael got 11 I.M. shots in three days back in April. According to
    TMZ, “I.M.” is billing code for any intra-muscular drug injection, but it most commonly refers to a shot of Demerol.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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