S2S goes to movies: ‘This Is It’

    Michael Jackson’s This Is It was an experience not to be missed, but if you haven’t seen it yet, read our thoughts on the film.
    We always knew that Michael was an amazing performer, but This Is It showed us a side of him that many have never seen before. The film, which chronicles rehearsals for what would have been his 50-show run at London’s O2 arena, shows Michael directing and choreographing every aspect of his show.
    While Michael was very commanding in his direction, he was also kind to those around him, and we see him laughing and giving out instructions to everyone. During the nearly two-hour film you really get used to hearing him speak. However, it’s not until the end of This Is It, closing on a shot of Michael standing on the stage with outstretched arms, that you remember he’s no longer with us.
    The musical documentary doesn’t just focus on MJ, though, viewers also get to spend time with the performers (dancer’s, musicians, singers, etc.) who help round out the production. They share what an opportunity to perform with The King of Pop means to them.
    Some of the most impressive footage in the documentary are shots from rehearsal, during which he gives a quick shout out to his brothers and his parents. 
    Michael pulled together a spectacular routine for “Smooth Criminal,” just as we expected (it was always one of our all-time MJ faves). But we were really bowled over when we it came to “Thriller.” Arguably one of his most iconic pieces, audiences expected big things from that number, and Michael did not fail to exceed those expectations.
    And the entertainer intended to completely immerse the audience in “Thriller.” To achieve that concert producers created a 3D movie the song that would have played as Michael performed the song.  Then he would have dangled “ghost brides” and “ghost grooms” above the audience during the song. It would have been too amazing to experience that.
    Overall, we give This Is It an A because Sony crafted an amazing documentary from rehearsal footage. The only real draw back was that the movie felt a little long, but by the time we started getting antsy there wasn’t too much more time left in the film.
    We’d love to say more about it, but we don’t want to give everything away. To experience the film for yourself pick up a ticket to a showing near you. We will say, though, that it’s definitely worth it to stick around during the closing credits because there’s a dedication to Michael’s kids and another quick clip of the King of Pop.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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