D.C. Sniper to be executed in November

    John Allen Muhammad, the D.C. Sniper, will be executed by lethal injection in less than two weeks.
    Seven years after John terrorized the Washington, D.C., with three-week span of sniper attacks, he is set to be executed by lethal injection on November 10, CNN reports.
    Lethal injection was designated the method of execution by default after John declined to choose between that and the electric chair.
    John will be executed for killing Dean Meyers, who was pumping gas at a station in Virginia. He also fatally shot Meyers and 9 others along with his accomplice Lee Malvo, who was a teenager at the time.  Three other victims were wounded in their shooting spree.
    The D.C. Sniper is planning to appeal to the U. S. Supreme Court in addition to asking for clemency from Virginia Governor Timothy Kaine.  John’s attorney will argue that he was not mentally stable during the initial hearings and trial in this case.  A recent appeal on the grounds that crucial evidence supporting his mental disabilities making him incapable of being his own attorney during trial was denied.
    While many people were hurt or killed in John’s attacks, his true target was ex-wife Mildred Muhammad.  We spoke with her earlier this year about how they met and what their relationship had been like before breaking up.




    – Sophia Adem




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