Joe Jackson opens up about Michael

    Joe Jackson is expressing his thoughts on son Micheal’s death, and he talks about how he’s coping with the loss.
    Joe is still recovering from Michael’s sudden and tragic death on June 25. And in a recent interview with “Extra,” when asked what he would do to Dr. Conrad Murray if they ever crossed paths, Joe simply said that he’d “knock him out.”
    The often-vilified father added that he gets “very emotional” when listening to Michael’s songs.
    “When I’m off to myself and I start thinking about things that we went through,” he shared, hinting that he sometimes cries. “No one will ever see me, though.”
    Joe went on to say that he believes Michael was “worth more dead than he was alive” to the people around him, but he would still rather have him around.
    This Is It, the movie documenting Michael’s rehearsals for his 50-show run at London’s O2 arena, is poised to top the weekend box office with sales topping $20 million.  Joe expressed how he initially disapproved of the movie, but it gives him a chance to “remember Michael as [he] knew him best: performing and dancing on stage. Entertaining people.”



    — Sophia Adem




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