Morgan Freeman to get ‘Dirty’

    Morgan Freeman is all in for a new, untitled comedy that will be released by Warner Bros.
    According to The Hollywood Reporter, Morgan has signed on to star in the film, which had a working title of Dirty Old Men. He’ll also act as an executive producer for the project.
    The movie is about an old player who finally meets a woman who makes him want to retire his number. No one has been pegged to take on the lead role, but, ideally, Warner Bros. wants Jack Nicholson to take up the role of the old playboy. Who else could really do the role justice? Although he knows the part is up for grabs, he hasn’t taken up the role.
    Morgan is set to play the main character’s best friend, who has been a faithful wingman for decades. He’s hating on the new relationship, so he tries pulling out all the stops to bump his buddy’s girl out of the picture.
    Josh Cagan and Gred Coolidge wrote the movie, and Peter Segal is set to direct the film.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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