‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: November 2

    Couple: Mya and Dmitry Chaplin 

    Dance: Fox Trot
    Last week saw some of the lowest scores Mya and Dmitry had ever gotten, and they wanted to turn their luck around this week. “We have a lot of work to do ahead of us if we want to please all three judges,” Mya said.
    The pair really had their work cut out for them this week as they choreographed a Fox Trot, which is a more glamorous dance. This would be the first time in weeks that Mya and Dmitry would really be slowing it down because up until now, they’ve been tackling the faster, flirtier dances.
    “The last time I got to do an elegant dance was week one with the Viennese Waltz,” Mya said. “This week, with the Fox Trot, we get a chance to prove ourselves that we can be classy and technically savvy.”

    While Mya was sweating the steps, Dmitry is focusing on the feeling behind the routine.  “Sometimes Mya thinks too much about the steps, so I have to remind her to just let go and have some fun,” Dmitry said during practice. To back up his point, he brought in season 7 fan favorite, Cloris Leachman.
    “It’s not about the steps, it’s a look, “ Cloris advised, showing Mya the smoldering gaze she needed to bring to the floor. Never in a million years would we have thought that Cloris would have had to give Mya tips on seduction, but her hints seemed to have worked.
    When Mya and Dmitry took their twirl around the floor, they had that old Hollywood vibe down pat. From the smooth spins to the dramatic dips, these two were hot to trot!


    Of course judge Len Goodman hated it, loudly complaining about Mya and Dmitry using too many tricks and gimmicks. Next week, if they tone it down, he’ll probably saw it was too simple.
    “You probably pleased the other two,” he said. “Two out of three’s not bad.”
    While judge Carrie Ann Inaba was silently bugging out at Len’s words, judge Bruno Tonioli offered up his opinion.

    “This Fox Trot perfectly captured the glamorous aura of Hollywood’s golden age,” he said while comparing Mya to Lena Horne and Rita Hayworth. “You looked a dream and you danced like an angel,” Bruno finished.
    Carrie Ann, who had climbed down from the ceiling by this point, began her critique with a comment on the elder judge.  “Len is officially smoking crack,” she said in thinly veiled frustration. We’re glad someone else said it! Thank you, Carrie Ann.  “About the dance: I loved it! It was dynamic. It was fluid. It was graceful,” she continued.
    Carrie added major kudos for the footwork, saying, “It was like your feet were tied together and you were floating on ice.” 
    That was their first routine of the night, and it earned them 25 points overall. Dmya had the opportunity to bolster their scores in a ballroom battle royale. For the second time this season, competitors had to work together to perform a latin dance. Mya was put on Team Paso Doble with Michael Irvin, Aaron Carter and Marc Dacascos.
    While their performance was pretty good overall there were a few sections that could have been tightened up. For starters we thought that Aaron’s flips were a little loose. Mya brought it hard at the end, though, her Paso was so intense that am earring flew off. Now we know she should have gotten some points for that!

    Team Paso earned 24 points, which means Mya had a score of 49 for the night. When we added up everyone’s scores, that made her the lowest ranking female of the evening.  We couldn’t believe it! 
    We hope Mya can make through to another week. To see if she survives elimination, tune in when ABC airs “Dancing With the Stars: The Results” tonight at 9 p.m. EST.



    – Sonya Eskridge






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