Frankie sued on ‘Judge Mathis’

    Keyshia Cole’s mom, Fankie Lons, made an appearance on “Judge Mathis” over a contract dispute.
    Promoter Antonia Floyd dragged Frankie into reality TV court and sued her for $5,000, claiming that she broke a deal they had agreed to. Under their contract, which he claims she signed, he would schedule her for club appearances. But he alleged that Frankie would just book her own gigs, therefore violating the terms of their agreement.
    Frankie had a countersuit for Antonia, though, accusing him of misleading club patrons by telling them that Keyshia would appear with her at different night spots. At first things really weren’t going to well for Frankie because she couldn’t prove there was no wrongdoing on her part.
    Her biggest argument, however, was that the contract Antonia presented in court was a forgery.  Although Judge Greg Mathis wasn’t really buying her other stories, he did find that the signature on the contract he saw did not in any resemble the one on her driver’s license.
    The end result? Frankie won her $5,000 countersuit and Antonia left court looking like a fraud.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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