LaLa talks wedding plans

    LaLa Vasquez said she and her fiancé, Carmelo Anthony, are walking down the aisle at their own pace.
    LaLa and Carmelo have been engaged for as long as we can remember, but in a recent interview she said they are
    “We are planning. I honestly don’t have many details yet,” the TV host told A Word For My Sisters. “We have moved at our own speed and it has worked.”
    LaLa wouldn’t recommend a long engagement for everyone, though.  Many people wonder what the hold up is really about. LaLa said she’s heard it all from speculation that she and ’Melo aren’t really happy together to the oft-uttered “he’s never going to marry her!”
    “People tend to believe since we’ve been engaged for so long that something is up,” said LaLa. “Does being married automatically mean two people are happy? Mel and I took the time out to get to know each other, inside and out. We took time to learn about our likes and our dislikes.”
    The former VJ wouldn’t have it any other way, either, because she didn’t want to feel like she and her man were shoved up to the altar. They wanted to wait until the time was right them.
    “After having our son, we both feel ready to take that step,” LaLa shared. “It’s very important to us and it’s the example we want to set for our son. Although everyone may not agree, I’m glad we did it this way.”



    – Sonya Eskridge




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