Rihanna named a ‘Woman of the Year’

    Another advance cover has leaked of Glamour magazine’s upcoming Women of the Year issue. Earlier we reported that Michelle Obama would grace the cover, but the issue will have at least two covers because Rihanna will also get a chance to shine in the issue.
    Besides posing for the cover in a curve-hugging black and silver dress, she opened up to the mag about how tumultuous 2009 has been for her.
    "My friends and family have been extremely supportive, and everyone has been there for me," Rihanna revealed. "But at some point you are there alone. It’s a lonely place to be—no one can understand. That’s when you get close to God."
    When asked to elaborate, she continued with, "I am talking about starting with the night [before] the Grammys and then on. That was not the only thing that occurred this year. The picture leaking…it was one thing after another...It was humiliating; that is not a photo you would show to anybody. I felt completely taken advantage of. I felt like people were making it into a fun topic on the Internet, and it’s my life. I was disappointed, especially when I found out the photo was [supposedly leaked by] two women."
    The December issue of Glamour will hit newsstands next week.



    — Whitney Teal




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