Rihanna stops waiting around

    Rihanna is taking the next step in her highly anticipated comeback with the release of her new video for “Wait Your Turn.”
    RiRi is continuing with the dark theme she’s adopted with “Disturbia.” The music video for “Wait Your Turn,” recorded in grainy black and white, shows Rihanna stalking around a church, stomping across a bridge and draped across an angel statue.
    “Wait Your Turn” is the new single off of the Barbadian songbirds’ upcoming album, Rated R, but it’s not the first release from the project. She dropped “Russian Roulette” on October 20, and the song has since been met with mixed reaction that included accusations about her religion.
    Rihanna kept in line with her edgier style for this video, and she incorporated an eye patch into her look. We don’t know how that was added to her wardrobe, but if it works for her, we won’t knock it.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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