Shyne speaks from Belize

    Shyne recently held a press conference to speak on how he’s reforming himself now that he’s been released from prison.
    The rapper was recently deported to Belize, where he’s been working with kids at youth centers and encouraging them to stay in school to get a good education. He’s also pushing them to take an active role in their communities.
    During a press conference in Belize, Shyne vaguely spoke about the incident that landed him in jail back in 2001. He was found guilty on felony charges, and the judge slapped him with a 10-year prison sentence.  His stay was cut short this year when he was released only to be sent to his native country.
    “I make no excuses,” Shyne said during a press conference in Belize, drawing parallels between himself and figures like President Barack Obama and New York Governor David Paterson. “I hold myself accountable for the mistakes I have made in my life, but that’s not the end of me or anyone.”
    Shyne, with mentor Harvard Law Professor Charles Ogletree at his side, continued on to explain why he changed his name to Moses. He said that it wasn’t a decision based on religion, rather an homage to those he wishes to emulate.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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