DMX pulls punches

    Rapper DMX is backing out of his scheduled celebrity boxing match with fighter Eric Martinez.
    DMX may have disappointed fans who were looking forward to seeing the rapper go up against the trained fighter in a boxing match in Alabama this December.
    Sources informed that DMX would no longer be participating in the match for one of two reasons:  His safety could not be guaranteed, or fight promoters would not “fix” the brawl.
    There’s also speculation that Thunder Promotions, who were sponsoring the fight might sue, DMX for backing out. However, other rappers have been asked to go against Martinez in the match, and another opponent for the boxer will be announced shortly.
    So far, none of this alleged reasons as to why DMX pulled out have been confirmed.  The last time DMX spoke about the fight, he seemed confident and ready to enter the ring.
    “I’m a just walk in as is.  It wouldn’t be fair if I trained,” the rapper told Washington D.C.’s Sports Talk Radio 106.7.



    — Sophia Adem




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