Morgan Freeman settles crash case

    Morgan Freeman has settled a lawsuit brought against him by the passenger involved in his 2008 accident.
    According to the BBC, Morgan is no longer involved in a legal dispute with Demaris Meyer after the two were involved in a car crash in northern Mississippi that left them both hospitalized.
    Neither party has revealed the terms of the out-of-cout settlement.  Demaris did state, though, that she was “pleased that the matter is resolved and the case is settled.”
    Demaris accused the Hollywood actor of drunk driving and not being fully alert.  Knowing this, she accepted a ride offered from Morgan to her home in Memphis in anyway. After the crash she filed suit against him for permanent disability and property damage, hospital expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. 
    The passenger also defended claims that she was Morgan’s mistress, saying she felt that those rumors contributed to the divorce of Morgan and his then-wife, Myrna Colley-Lee. These rumors have not been confirmed by him or his wife. 
    Morgan recovered in Memphis’ downtown hospital, The MED.  Fans sent in an abundance of Get Well cards and came out to show their support. 



    – Sophia Adem




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