Rihanna sets record on ABC

    Rihanna’s intimate interview on ABC drew millions of viewers, but in case you missed it, you can watch it here.
    The network announced that a record 8.2 million people tuned in November 6 to see Rihanna speak out about her fight with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. The 18-34 demographic was the highest ranked group of viewers on the Friday latenight segment, which hasn’t happened to ABC since 2006.
    Diane Swayer wasted no time getting to the main topic in the ABC special.  There was a quick overview of the relationship before Rihanna began speaking on what started their infamous fight on February 8.

    Many of Chris’ fans have assigned some blame to Rihanna for the fight back in February. Their accusations that she did something to provoke him have popped up online, including places like YouTube.
    “It’s ignorance. I can say that because even if I hit him first that makes it okay for him to do that me?” Rihanna said in response to their justifications. “They kind of give an excuse for what he did.”



    Next also spoke on the way she immediately coped with the aftermath of the incident, noting that she was like any other battered woman. It surprised the world when Rihanna reunited with Chris just three weeks later.
    Although she found ways to justify briefly getting back with Chris, she eventually broke things off with him for good because she wanted to set a good example for other women.



    When Rihanna decided that she was done, she dumped Chris. The Barbadian beauty quickly fell out of love, openly admitting that she grew to resent Chris.  While the “Goodbye” singer has released statements and songs of remorse for what he did, Rihanna said she hadn’t seen or heard any of them until the ABC interview.
    “I know he felt really bad about doing it. I just didn’t know if he understood the extent of what he did,” Rihanna said after watching his public apology to her and the fans for the first time ever.



    Since February, a judge has imposed a five-year restraining order that requires Chris to stay 100 yards away from Rihanna. That restriction is only 10 yards for events that they may both attend, like awards shows.
    Rihanna protested the stay-away order, and some wonder whether that is because she still wants to be with Chris.
    “I don’t have a desire, at all, to be with him. I can’t see how we would get back together,” Rihanna said before stating that she doesn’t know for sure that they would never be a couple again. “It’s actually kind of annoying that there is still some kind of emotion there.”
    So what are her exact feelings for Chris now? Find out when you watch the conclusion of the interview below.





    – Sonya Eskridge




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