‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: November 9

    Mya and Dmitry get their groove back
    Mya was super excited when she found out that she and Dmitry would get their groove on with a ‘70’s-inspired Samba. And, honestly, we were all about it.  Dmitry, not so much it seemed.

    But with this rehearsal, the tables were turned. Where Mya was really sweating the Quickstep, Dmitry had a choreography roadblock to with the Samba. He was changing steps left and right, but nothing seemed to fit. This was really odd because up until now they had been tearing up the Latin dances. 
    Mya had been aiming to emulate ’70s icons like Diana Ross and Donna Summer, but during practice she wound up looking more like Raggedy Ann. This was shaping up to be a mess.
    “This is the furthest I have ever gotten in this competition.  I just hope I can get Mya to the finals,” Dmitry confessed.
    Well, if nothing, else they definitely had that ’70s Disco look down!  We loved that Mya came out in a hot pink jump suit with fringe.  Way better than bell bottoms. The only thing we weren’t so hot about was Dmitry’s mustache. He never needs to do that again in life…ever.  Ever!

    To our relief they were able to step it up for this routine, and maintain their balance of flash and technique. There was one transition that really amazed us, and in our opinion they’d get a 10 from us just for that!



    The audience clearly loved Mya and Dmitry’s routine because the couple was rewarded with a standing ovation. And that excitement found it’s way to the judge’s panel because their Samba made Bruno stand up and shout—not that he ever needs much encouragement. Carrie Ann had to holler about it too!
    But what would Len have to say? Disco is all about tricks and gimmicks, which Len hates, so we were ready for him to just rain disapproval all over their dance. We were pleasantly shocked yet again.
    "Mya you are absolutely on fire," said Len. Your hips were hypnotic. You have produced tonight two dances of the highest standards–with no gimmicks!"
    Two complimentary critiques from Len? It was shaping up to be a good night Mya and Dmitry, but it got better when they earned 30 for their sassy Samba. That’s the first perfect score of the season!
    But perfect scores from the judges only count for some much on “DWTS,” and it was up to the viewers at home to cast their votes to keep Mya and Dmitry in the competition.
    To see if they got enough audience votes to make it into the semi-finals, watch “Dancing With the Stars: The Results,” when it airs tonight at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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