How-to: Corrine Bailey Rae’s fluffy curls

    Soul songstress Corrine Bailey Rae is back with a brand new look. Recreate her big, soft curls this holiday season.







    Have you seen Corrine Bailey Rae lately? She’s traded her signature short curly style for a longer, fluffier and less-defined ringlets. It’s gorgeous and, somehow, just looks like the perfect ‘do for the holiday season. No matter your texture (natural or straightened), you can try the look if you’ve got hair that’s shoulder length or longer. 
    1. Create big curls: Get your hair dripping wet and section it off into about eight equal pieces. Apply a little setting lotion to each segment before rolling the hair with medium-sized super curlers. Because Corrine’s curls aren’t the same size throughout, use slightly smaller curlers to frame your face and larger ones for the middle and back sections.
    2.  Dry and shine: After you’ve dried your hair (either under a warm hooded dryer or by air-drying), unravel all of the curlers before creating a short side part. Distribute a shine serum through your hair before taking the front sections and splitting each curl in two. These curls should stay defined but still soft. 

    3. Go fluffy: Fluff the remaining sections by running your hands through your hair and disturbing the pattern a little. To go for full-on gusto, use a flat bristle brush to create a wavy, slightly pouffy effect.



    — Whitney Teal




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