Lil’ Kim pulls no-shows in London?

    Club promoters in London say they are about to sue Lil’ Kim for big bucks after she skipped out on a series of shows.

    Abstrakt Visions Entertainment booked the Bionic Booty for six club appearances that were supposed to take place between November 7 and November 14. According to a source for, Kim told promoters she suffered a nose bleed the night before the first show. The next day she said she was heading home to the States.

    Kim’s camp said the rapper bailed on because Abstrakt never gave her a schedule detailing where she would be working. Although Queen Bee gave up the gigs, the tipster claims she kept the $20,000 that Abstrakt paid her to perform in London and that she used the cash to pay off her travel bills.

    Her reps have fired back at Abstrakt’s accusations, stating, “We do not have a contract with Abstrakt Visions Entertainment and never received any money from them. Abstrakt Visions Entertainment is in the wrong for falsely promoting Lil’ Kim in London and will be dealt with accordingly.”



    – Sonya Eskridge




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