Mike Tyson arrested for punching paparazzi

    Mike Tyson has been released from jail after tangling with a paparazzo at LAX.







    Mike Tyson has been released from jail after tangling with a paparazzo at LAX.
    The former boxer was taken into custody on Monday and charged with misdemeanor battery.
    TMZ.com reports that officers with the Los Angeles Police Department carted Mike off after he punched a photographer named Tony Echevarria in the face at a United Airlines ticket counter.
    According to Mike’s people, though, this was not an unprovoked attack. They told TMZ that the pap was harassing Mike, who was preparing to travel with his wife and their 10-month-old daughter. Reps claim the cameraman got close enough to them that he could touch the heavyweight champ.
    That’s when Mike socked Tony in the face, knocking him to the ground. Tony was able to get up and walk away from the incident, but witnesses say he left a bloody mess in his wake. He had to get five stitches.
    Tony, however, told INFDaily.com a different story, stating that he kept his distance from Mike. He adds that the former boxer was in a good mood at first, but that changed when Tony asked about Mike’s wife.  Things really went left when Michael had a problem finding a bathroom.

    Tony claims that Mike also smashed his video camera, but that wasn’t before the photographer got footage of the whole incident.
    “When you’re being hit by Mike Tyson, it’s really the worst thing you can imagine,” Tony said of the incident, alleging that the boxer held him in place using the straps on his camera bag.

    The photographer was taken to the hospital for treatment right after the incident.
    Both men had performed a citizen’s arrest, so Tony was taken into custody and booked for battery charges too. Mike’s bail was set at $20,000, and he was released later Monday night on his own recognizance.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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