Black colleges go green

    Black colleges and universities are going green with a little help from the United Negro College Fund.


    The organization announced Thursday tthat it will be helping HBCUs green their buildings after receiving a $1.8 million grant from The Kresge Foundation.
    "Just as environmental sustainability is key to our national health and vitality, so it is a critical part of the economic sustainability of the institutions within our economy," Dr. Michael Lomax, UNCF president and CEO, commented during a phone conference. "That definitely includes our colleges and universities."
    UNCF and its three partner organizations, The American Indian Higher Education Consortium, The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities and The Thurgood Marshall College Fund, will help about 450 minority-serving institutions to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions with this grant. By reducing the greenhouse gas impact, UNCF and its partners hope to make the buildings greener, more user-friendly and less expensive.
    "Educating good citizens and being good institutional citizens has always been part of the DNA of historically Black colleges and other minority serving institutions," Michael continued. "Building green is very much part of that tradition."



    — Whitney Teal




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