Celebrities weigh in on Chris Brown’s and Rihanna’s comeback

    Ever since news spread back in February about the domestic violence incident involving pop superstars, Chris Brown and Rihanna celebrities, politicians, and fans have all been weighing in every step of the way.  Should Chris be forgiven?  Is his career over?  Should Rihanna take him back?  Did she play a part in the violence?  Now after they have both given in-depth interviews and are gearing up for their respective new album releases, the question is: Is this the right time for both of them to come back?  S2S caught up with some celebrities to get their take on the comeback of Chris and Rihanna. 
    Singer Monica represented the general sentiment that now is the right time for the two to return to the spotlight and move on.  
    “I think it’s a great time to come back because they are both extremely talented.  Everybody needs forgiveness,” she said. “So let it be and let God control the things we know he controls.  I don’t pass judgment.:
    Raheem DeVaughn also agrees that it’s the right time for Chris and Rihanna to move on, but he has one major concern during this process: Rihanna’s controversial lyrics to her dark new single, “Russian Roulette.”  He agrees with the thoughts first expressed on Twitter by singer, Tiffany Evans that the song is sending the wrong message to young listeners and may lead some to consider suicide.
    “Personally I’m a little concerned with the Rihanna record and in terms of how it will be perceived by young ladies.  I feel like you have to be conscientious about what you say because we are the village as far as artists are concerned,” he advised.
    Speaking of messages, famed stylist and designer, Misa Hylton, hopes that the two get the right message and learn from their experience.
    “I hope that Chris and Rihanna have learned something from this and that’s all,” she said. “I think Rihanna should learn to pay attention to the temperament of someone.  Maybe there were signs to show her or she could speak to someone else that may have been there for her to give advice on someone with anger issues.  Maybe they both had one but no one deserves what happened to her.”
    Misa also opened up her personal experiences with domestic violence in her previous relationship with hip-hop mogul, Diddy.
    “Diddy and I had a very temperamental relationship ‘cause we grew up young so we had scuffles and stuff like that.  When you’re in situations with a lot of women attracted to your boyfriend and vice versa and you’re young there’s jealousy,” Misa revealed. “You have to handle your emotions and not let it get physical.  A lot of people have fights and sometimes it’s more like brother-sister, but it does happen.  It’s like if you learn from it and it doesn’t continue and grow into domestic abuse—I think that it happens and they are human.”
    With that said, it looks like now is the best time for both Chris and Rihanna to hopefully learn, grow and get back to making the music that made them popular to begin with.



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