‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: November 16

    Mya adds more spice to her Salsa
    Mya and Dmitry’s Salsa had a razor-sharp snap to it that we’ve been craving all season. And we give her much love for that on-point solo she did, which had a little Afro-Brazillian flavor thrown in there.

    The only drawback was that Dmitry wasn’t doing anything—he needed to have a bongo or something because it was just a little weird for him to just be sitting there.  Even that isn’t a major flaw, though.

    We’re just gonna call it now: Mya killed it!  That was a tight routine and she had that fringe flinging from left to right. And since the judges gave her a perfect score of 30, they obviously agreed. Get it, Mya!
    Next up for Team Dmya was the dance we’d been waiting to see for weeks: their dance-off routine. This was the wild card dance that a team has to pull out when they face elimination. In Mya and Dmitry’s case it was an example of why they deserve a spot in the finals—and in our opinion to the championship for season 9. They’ve been practicing this Cha Cha for weeks, and they seem to have had it down to a science.



    The Cha Cha earned Mya and Dmitry another 27 points. By the end of the racked up 87 out of 90 possible points, securing their spot at the top of the leader board, but whether they make it to the finals next depends on how many viewer votes they got. That’s what worries us.
    Viewers were allowed five phone votes last night—standard practice for the last couple of weeks. But when we called to cast the first of our votes, we were told we’d reached the vote limit from our phone number. Peculiar!  When we called back (that automated system had it twisted!) we kept getting busy signals, so that could still be good.
    To see how Mya’s fate for the finals plays out, watch “Dancing With the Stars: The Results” tonight when it airs at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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