Taboo says Fergie’s marriage is ‘good’

    Two members of the Black Eyed Peas are denying rumors surrounding the marriage of bandmate Fergie and her hubby Josh Duhamel.
    Taboo spoke out against the hearsay over Josh’s alleged affair with an Atlanta stripper in an interview with, saying everything was fine with the pair and that the love between them has not subsided.
    "Everything’s good. We’re a family, and we’re not going to allow any nonsense to bring us down,” said Taboo.  “I know my brother and I know my sister and how much love they have for each other."

    Fergie’s other band mate,, also stated, "They’re in love and they’re perfect for each other."
    As for the couple themselves, Josh has denied the rumors and Fergie is sticking by his side. In a chat with “Entertainment Tonight” she said, “These allegations are nonsense.”
    However, Nicole Forrester, the alleged mistress, continues to claim that she had an affair with Josh.  It has gained her much notoriety. In a recent interview with
    Extra, Nicole apologizes to Fergie for the alleged affair with Josh which she claims took place in Atlanta.
    "I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I didn’t think of it at the time like I think of it now," she said.
    Apparently she did not feel that bad about her actions because she later stated, "She’s standing by her man, so obviously I’m not wrecking the home too bad, huh?"



    -Sophia Adem




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