Watch Beyoncé on her ‘Video Phone’

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    Did you see all the looks Beyoncé donned for her latest clip, "Video Phone?" We breakdown our five favorite.







    "Video Phone," Beyoncé’s latest outrageous music video is absolutely crazy: the leotards, the wigs, the Lady Gaga?  She donned about a hundred different looks, but here are our top picks:
    Reservoir Dogs: The opening scene is bananas. With a tribute to the cult flick Reservoir Dogs, Bey gears up for the wild ride with a masked face, long bags and help from a few tough guys.












    The Green Warrior: We’re not sure exactly what inspired this military-themed leotard (German World War II soldier?), but on Queen B it’s absolutely fab. Of course it’s not complete without a futuristic pair of sheild sunglasses and matching, thigh-high boots.











    Leotards of the Rainbow: Blue! Pink! Yellow! Light Blue! Beyoncé weaved in shots of herself in different colored leotards throughout the video. They’re a little plain compared to some of the more outrageous, but they’re still some of our favorites.









    Is that you, Lady Gaga?
    Devoid of her usual fire-squirting bustier and crazy hair, it’s hard to tell that’s even the "Bad Romance" singer. She looks like a smaller version of Bey, which was the whole point. According to MTV, she told Beyoncé that "I don’t want to show up in some frickin’ hair bow and be fashion Gaga in your video.’ I said, ‘I want to do you.’"












    Fly Assassin: It’s a little hard to tell, but we’re pretty sure that Bey’s pinned this guy up to dole out justice diva-style?



    – Whitney Teal




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    2 thoughts on “Watch Beyoncé on her ‘Video Phone’

    1. Wow this video is so great. Beyonce and Lady Gaga look really sexy in this one. They always look sexy for sure. This opening from Reservoir dogs is awesome too as this one is one of my best movies. I think this video is one of the best lately for sure. Thanks for posting it here. Oh and keep posting such nice ones in the nearest future too.
      Regards, Greg from download mp4 converter

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