Janet Jackson’s ‘Spotlight’ sit-down

    Janet Jackson opened up about life, love and her brother in an intimate interview on ABC Wednesday night.
    We were glued to the set for Janet Jackson’s interview on “In the Spotlight with Robin Roberts” yesterday—with good reason! The “Nasty” singer talked about everything from body image (she just started liking her smile) to her career (she’s writing a book), and we wanted to hear all about it.
    Janet also spoke on her relationship with her father, who told her to call him Joseph. She asserted that she wouldn’t outright call his often-criticized parenting style abusive per se.
    “I think it’s old-school, and that may extrapolate into being a little abusive,” she explained.
    Of course the highlight of the interview was the segment where she talked about her recently deceased brother Michael Jackson, who used to call her Dunk. Janet said the two of them were extremely close even though they would go for long periods without speaking. It was during those silences that Michael’s prescription drug use manifested and flourished.
    We were taken aback when Janet said she didn’t know, at first, that Michael had been using Propofol. More surprising to us was the fact that Janet hasn’t seen her brother’s documentary This Is It, which recently exceeded $200 million in sales at the box office.
    “I don’t know if I will ever see it, but I definitely can’t see it right now,” she admitted to Robin. “[It’s] too soon, too hard. It’s hard when I see a poster—you know, the This Is It posters—around the city.”
    “A day doesn’t go by that I don’t think about him,” she continued. “I feel like, ‘Oh, you know my phone’s gonna ring, and I’m gonna hear, ‘Dunk, it’s me.’’”
    If you missed the interview last night, you can check it out below.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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